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Gymnasium Bethel

GREEN WEEK - Haarlem

Profil Internationale Begegnungen

European week of education for sustainability with workshops and excursions at Haarlemermeer Lyceum in the Netherlands from April 18th to April 22nd (European HORIZON project). 

Students from Verona, Bologna, Pärnu and Bielefeld experienced a „GREEN WEEK“ together with Dutch students from Haarlemermeer Luceum. The German group even travelled from Bielefeld to Haarlemermeer emission free in the e-CROSS GERMANY Tesla Model S and charged for free at the Tesla Superchargers with CO2-neutral renewable energy. During the project week, we got to know a lot about the great Dutch culture, visited Amsterdam by bike and by boat, learned much about wind energy propelling our students in speedy vehicles at the beach, we visited a recycling centre and a water purification centre and our students made a lot of European friendships. It was was trip worthwhile, an absolutely wonderful and informative week and it is to be recommended to everyone who is interested to join this project in 2017. Thanks a lot to the Dutch families for having us stay in Haarlemermeer and for the hospitality of the Dutch host families!!! You were so kind as were the teachers at school. See you again soon hopefully!

Text: Jens Ohlemeyer (teacher of the German GREEN WEEK group)